University of Toronto International Health Program

Training global citizens for tomorrow.

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UTIHP was established in 1988 as a student group by two University of Toronto medical students, in response to an increased interest in Global Health. Since then, the identity of the group has been constantly evolving. The interdisciplinary aspect of the program was introduced at a later point to open the program to individuals from different disciplines and maximize program effectiveness. This was accomplished through sharing leadership between a Medical and an Interdisciplinary Co-director, in addition to having executive positions and membership open to all members of the UofT community including undergraduates, graduates, alumni, as well as professional students.

Over the years, UTIHP evolved into an umbrella organization comprised of smaller more specific initiatives or committees, each tackling a particular issue in Global Health. The initiatives that make up UTIHP have always been changing, depending on student interest and in response to the changing global health landscape. In 2010, the program  was streamlined to include 10 separate committees covering a variety of subject areas and student engagement initiatives within global health, such as the High School Partnership Program, Ontario Model World Health Organization, as well as the Millennium Project. UTIHP’s charity status from the Canadian Revenue Agency was also obtained at that time.


To this day, UTIHP continues to transform itself to ensure its relevance to the rapidly changing face of the Global Health community. As a result, the organization will be undergoing several structural changes this year and shifting its focus from advocacy to one of knowledge translation and student empowerment at home and abroad. This is an effort to streamline UTIHP’s programming to reflect the organization’s vision, “To train global citizens for tomorrow”, more closely. In other words, all of UTIHP’s initiatives will be seen as components of Global Health training program where students will be exposed to different mediums of discussion and interaction. This is in order to gain a mature understanding of health issues as well as gain important academic and practical skills to allow students to be proactive in future endeavours.

UTIHP trains members to become global citizens, empowering them to act as catalysts of change through engaging and working with other student organizations and the community beyond towards a healthier, more equitable future for all.


By providing guidance, training, resources, and administrative support, as well as funding and networking opportunities, UTIHP will enable its members to launch meaningful initiatives that address pertinent global health challenges. All our initiatives will be guided by the motto “Engage, Connect and Contribute”.