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The Community Engagement Project (CEP) seeks to promote action within the Global Health Sphere starting with the local communities at our own reach. The initiative is designed for fund recipients to serve and help meet the needs of either established or novel community organizations through research, project proposals, innovation, funding applications, marketing strategies, or project design and development. This initiative will act directly at this level to promote sustainable and health-enhancing change by allowing students to work toward solving a need identified and mutually agreed upon by the applicant (and their partner supervisor/organization -- if applicable). Previous recipients of the program have also developed their own community organizations and/or project where a need cited was not seen or met.


At CEP, we seek to create a professional and ethical means for passionate individuals to share their ideas and collaborate towards a better future starting locally. We plan to build on each of these efforts this year, and make our voices ring even louder across campus.

The CEP will assist students in implementing a global health initiative through financial support of up to $1,500 in project reimbursement costs and up to $1,500 in personal scholarship on an as needed-basis*. UTIHP will continually work with CEP members from the time of acceptance through the project's completion in August of 2022**.


* As this initiative was established to promote global health activity especially among traditionally underserved groups, it is especially Indigenous and racialized individuals as well as those from financially unstable backgrounds that this funding is most directed toward.

** The /project may be eligible for an extension past the proposed deadline upon request by the candidate.

For more information about the CEP program, please read more here.


1. Read the CEP Guidelines Package to familiarize yourself with the program and application requirements.

2. Complete the CEP Application Form and submit it, along with additional required documents, by email to with the subject heading "CEP 2021 Application Rd 1" by Monday, January 17, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

If you require further information or an extension for your application, please contact as soon as possible.


Monday, January 17, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

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