Welcome to HSPP

The High School Partnership Program (HSPP) is dedicated to educating youth in global health issues, and empowering them to become global citizens. HSPP acts primarily through classroom presentations, academic competitions and a conference for secondary school students, and these students also have the opportunity to participate in the annual UTIHP Global Health and Human Rights Conference. 

Please visit our Facebook page to see more of the work we do, and to keep updated on our upcoming events.

HSPP – UTPS Affiliation

High School Partnership Program (HSPP) would like to introduce University of Toronto Public Speaking Club (UTPS) as our official affiliate. UTPS exists to provide an environment for students to alleviate their fear of public speaking, articulate their individual passions through oral communication, and practice their leadership skills. UTPS brings together students from all disciplines and backgrounds to study the art of public speaking and overcome their fears. The goal of our relationship is to help the HSPP members with their public speaking to better deliver the message of global health to high school students during our visits to schools.

We hope that the rest of the members of UTIHP will find UTPS helpful in improving their public speaking. We also hope UTPS members will get interested in joining the UTIHP team and find a meaningful opportunity contributing to global health.


The UTPS website is: http://utpublicspeaking.wordpress.com/ Visit and see where their next meeting is!

2019 Take Action Conference
Click on the icon for the program from the 2019 Take Action Conference. Below is the poster for this year's conference. 
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