How it works

Finding a supervisor

The Discovery Fund is intended to help undergraduate students either conduct their own original research, or assist in ongoing research - in both cases, their research must be under supervision. We do not help applicants find their supervisors - they are required to reach out to prospective supervisors themselves, However, a good place to start would be the IMS Faculty List, DLSPH Faculty List, or by asking your professors.

Ethics Approval


All research involving primary data collection must be REB (Research Ethics Board) approved. Please ask your supervisors on how to best go about the REB approval process, or if you need REB for you project at all. However, as the approval process is not immediate, we will not require proof of REB approval at the time of application submission. Successful applicants will be contacted in the weeks after the deadline, and will be asked to submit proof that they have at least applied for REB. At the end of the project, recipients of the scholarship will be asked to submit a report on their research, formatted like a research article, any relevant receipts, and their REB approval in order to receive the $3000 reimbursement for their research. 

Conducting Research Abroad?

Please make sure that you fulfill U of T's requirements for conducting research abroad if you plan to travel for your project. Information on this can be found through the Center for International Experience.

2019-2020 Recipients
Conroy Gomes
Trauma, Resilience, and Integration: Determining the Tripartite Effect on Healthcare Outcomes Among Syrian Refugees
Luanna Lui
Prevention and Treatment of Major Depression: Preliminary Findings from the Global Alliance of 
Chronic Disease Study, a China-Canadian Multidisciplinary Approach to Standardize the Management of 
Major Depression Disorder
Evani Patel
Clinical Application of a Facial Dysmorphology Tool: Enhancing Genetic Diagnosis and Education at the Point-of-Care
2017-2018 Recipients
Heather Abela

Social Stigma and Racism as Barriers to Health Care Equity for Racialized Newcomer Women Living with HIV

Catherine Bobiash-Rozkiewicz
Effects of water access and sanitation on adolescent girls in urban Peru
Quentin Fox
The Quality of Dying and Death in Hospice Care in Uganda
Vanessa Kishimoto
What impact are we having? Follow up evaluation of the Toronto International Program in strengthening Family Medicine & primary care (TIP-FM)
2016-2017 Recipients


Braden Kenny

The Impact of Social Exclusion on Self- and Collective acceptance of Transgender Women in Jamaica

Vardaan Gupta

Association between ethnicity and kidney transplant knowledge and readiness among patients on maintenance hemodialysis 

Helena Najm

Improving Access to Healthy Groceries in Food Deserts: The Roles of the Public and Public Office

Zara Ahmed

The effect of Ziziphus Mauritiana ‘Ber’ honey on glycemic control: A randomized controlled trial

Aseel Anabtawi

Reducing Barriers to Breast Cancer Examination among the Highest Age-specific Incidence Cohorts in Jordan

Simran Dhunna

Transforming the Social Reality of Young Māori Mothers Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence


Evani Patel




Jesse Beatson

Nabila Purno

Sarindi Aryasinghe

Greg Dungca

Mary Qiu


Discovery Fund


The Discovery Fund ($3000) is a scholarship program that aims to spark interest in international health research among non-medical undergraduate students. Students will have the opportunity to engage in an academic learning experience that includes a structured summer project on global health issues. This fund is limited to undergraduate students at the University of Toronto.


Applications for our 2020-2021 cycle are now available. Please download this fillable document: UTIHP Scholarship for International Health Research

If selected, please submit a manuscript and poster submission upon completion of your project on November 2020  (tentative date). For more information about these submissions, please read this document.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is Monday, June 1, 2020. Submit your applications over email to If you have any questions about the scholarship, please direct them to