Art exhibit from UTIHP UTM’s first ever Global Health Gala

Art exhibit from UTIHP UTM’s first ever Global Health Gala The UTIHP was introduced at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus in 2011, when the Mississauga Academy of Medicine was first established. Originally beginning with the High School Partnerships Program, UTIHP UTM’s development and its success has led to what is now a diverse, multidisciplinary organization united under one common goal. Urfa Arain and Serena Wang, the UTM Co-Directors for 2015-16, identify the goal as: “bringing global health awareness within our local community.” In order to promote the group and to continue the rapid expansion of the program UTIHP UTM heavily relies on networking. UTM’s extensive network now

The Discovery Fund - An Undergraduate Scholarship for Global Health Research

Each year, as part of its goal to support innovative interdisciplinary student work in global health research, the UTIHP presents the Discovery Fund, a scholarship program that aims to encourage undergraduate students from non-medical disciplines to engage with research in the field of international health. There are up to ten scholarships, each with a value of $3000, used to give undergraduate U of T students the experience of working on a structured health project in an international setting and under the supervision of a UofT faculty member. This initiative provides interested students with an invaluable opportunity to enhance their research skills and gain knowledge unavailable within

Rethinking the Role of the ER: Dr. Joel Lexchin on ‘Life & Death in the Emergency Department’

On Monday, November 30th, the Health Studies Students’ Union invited Dr. Joel Lexchin, a distinguished physician and professor, for an interactive talk open to all students and faculty. Dr. Lexchin, an expert on all things ER-related, has worked as a UHN emergency department doc for over 30 years and is also a lecturer at the School of Health Policy and Management at York University. He has authored over 140 publications about pharmaceutical policy issues, drug regulation and promotion, and access to medications in developing countries. His depth of experience on these issues has led him to serve as a consultant for various international government institutions and transnational health bodie

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