Ontario Model World Health Organization

On the last weekend of January, the University of Toronto and Toronto City Hall jointly hosted the Ontario Model World Health Organization conference. The gathering, which has become a staple of the UTIHP’s calendar, draws global health enthusiasts from all across Ontario and provides them with a unique opportunity to actively engage in debate on current public health issues while learning more about the structure and leadership of the World Health Organization. The conference’s primary aim is to encourage students to think critically about pressing global health issues and possible solutions. Designed by U of T students to closely resemble the work of the WHO, the gathering takes place over

2016 Discovery Fund Potential Projects

1. Dr. Shafi U. Bhuiyan ( I am very keen on supporting young researchers about International health collaboration research in MNCH- family planning and reproductive health services in developing countries. To promote health and women’s empowerment in many developing countries, students can join with our international partners’ projects on evaluation of MNCH handbook and integrated health programs in rural and urban community or hospital settings in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Kenya. 2. Dr. Jeff Brook ( In 2012-13 sixty people in Beijing carried a personal air pollutant sampler to measure their exposure to soot (black carbon) a

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