Global Health Engage


Global Health: Engage (GHE) seeks to promote action within the Global Health Sphere. Specifically, through education, fundraising and community outreach, this initiative will explore determinants of global health, and act directly at this level to promote sustainable and health-enhancing change. GHE also undertakes a number of other efforts to engage and educate the University of Toronto community, and our city at large, about a breadth of global health issues. In the past, we have run speaker series, worked with students to make the most of work abroad, and coordinated a variety of exciting events with the other UTIHP Committees. Each year we seek to create a professional forum for passionate individuals to share their ideas, voice their concerns, and most importantly, collaborate towards a better future. We plan to build on each of these efforts this year, and make our voices ring even louder across campus!

Please see here for the website: or visit our Facebook page to keep updated on future events.

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