The High School Partnership Program (HSPP) aims to educate high school students on present day international health issues and empower them to take action in their community.  Students are engaged through classroom presentations on global health issues related to their curriculum. Previous presentations include global epidemics like HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease, and malaria as well as social issues such as obesity.


Goals for this year: Over the last two years, we have reached over 10 classrooms in schools around Mississauga. This year, we hope to reach more classrooms by recruiting more volunteers, visiting more schools, and making more relevant presentations to students. In addition, we hope to expand the scope of our presentations to include the theme for this year, “Glocal”, the global health issues that are present around us in our local communities. We are excited about sharing global health with the Mississauga community!


How to get involved!: If you are a UTM student and interested in global health issues, we want you!  We are looking for volunteers that will visit high schools to inspire students to be more globally conscious and to encourage them to take action in their community for causes they are passionate about.  If interested, please e-mail hspp.utm@utihp.ca.