High School Partnership Program (HSPP)

The High School Partnership Program (HSPP) is dedicated to teaching high school students about relevant global health issues, and empowering them with the skills and information that they can translate to leadership in global innovation.


Each year, the HSPP team strives to motivate high school students to contribute their knowledge by collaborating with other youth and members of their communities to advocate for health. We make 5 to 10 high school visits, in which we engage students in presentations regarding the determinants of health and the current global health needs. The goal of these presentations is to inspire the students to realize the potential they have to effect change, through initiating the mobilization of resources and forming meaningful partnerships with policy-makers and community organizations.

Our annual “TakeAction!” conference aims to excite and educate high school students as the next generation of future world leaders. Each conference features a case competition, which prompts the attendees to devise an informed and ethical solution to a global health problem proposed by our team. The TakeAction! conferences also provide the students with incredible opportunities to hear from and network with renowned experts, including but not limited to clinicians, professors, graduate students, and business professionals.


Overall, the HSPP guides high school students to recognize their accountability to society, and their capacity to act as global citizens. We encourage them to think critically and to work in teams whilst engaging in data-driven, health-related decision-making. We cannot wait to see the positive impact we will have this year!

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2019 Take Action Conference
Click on the icon for the program from the 2019 Take Action Conference. Below is the poster for this year's conference. 
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2018 TakeAction! Conference flyer

Past Events

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