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Dialogue: Disparities is a podcast made by the UTIHP team that introduces listeners to the social determinants of health and wellbeing. Join the co-hosts Danlin and Hajar as they navigate through the social injustices occurring locally in Canada and their impact on health outcomes. We hope to empower listeners to discover voices of their own and take the first step towards addressing social risk factors. Reach out to us on Instagram at @dialogue.disparities to give us any feedback, or to chat! We would love to learn from you and include you in our conversation.


Episode 1: In the Same COVID-19 Storm, but on Different Boats

Episode 2: Recent Developments with the COVID-19 Vaccine


Episode 3: Being Healthy, Being Sick, and Being Responsible

Episode 4: Manifestations of Gender Norms and Biases in Health Care


Episode 5: Narrative Medicine: Every Patient Has Their Story

Episode 6: Mental Health: Barriers and Stigma

Episode 7: The Implications of Telehealth: A Post-Pandemic Reality

Episode 8: HIV in North America: What Makes You Vulnerable

Episode 9: Two Pandemics at Once: Drug Addiction in the COVID-era

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