Welcome, Waleed and Theodora

Dear Readers,

Welcome to UTIHP’s personal news outlet. For the first year ever, UTIHP has its own dedicated team of journalists and editors who will be providing coverage on all things UTIHP. Our goal is to keep you informed, updated, and inspired by what is happening both on and off campus. U of T is full of passionate, intelligent, and driven people. We come to university to engage intellectually with the world around and within, to connect with interesting people, and to be able to contribute to our communities. This is our mission - to “Engage, connect, and contribute”.

Around 3 decades ago, two students felt that there was an increasing interest in global health amongst their classmates, and founded UTIHP. Since then, that interest has grown tremendously across U of T, spawning specializations, student clubs, and a rich body of collaborative scholarship.

UTIHP has also grown. Today, we host some of the biggest global health events on campus, and with your contribution, drive countless initiatives. This is where the editorial team steps in. We will cover the many events that UTIHP hosts, some non-UTIHP global health events, and provide background to the history of some of our biggest initiatives. Stay tuned for information on Earthtones, our annual benefit concert hosted in conjunction with the U of T Faculty of Medicine, Global Health Engage (GHE) which organizes a number of events to provide students a platform to learn about pressing issues, and contribute to their resolution, as well as the Ontario Model World Health Organization, the Health and Human Rights Conference, REACH, HSPP, Discovery Fund, and our Scholars initiative.

Check back often for new content and let us know if you want to get involved!

Remember: global health problems are all our problems,


Waleed Ahmed and Theodora Bruun

Co-Editors in Chief

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