HSPP: A new beginning

The High School Partnership Program (HSPP) is the UTIHP chapter focused on helping high school students become involved with UTIHP and global health. HSPP’s mission is to educate youth about global health and encourage involvement and awareness in the global health community.

The program seeks to develop high school students into global citizens who are engaged with issues about global health and open-minded to all views and perspectives on health. It has found new form under the leadership of the 2015/2016 co-chairs who are directing their focus towards building an engaged and long-standing global health community.

Some new improvements include high school class presentations, involved workshops, mentorship, and numerous case competitions. These events will continue throughout the approaching academic year to prepare students for the HSPP flagship conference in March: the Take Action Conference.

Speakers will be brought to give talks about global health issues, a large case competition will take place, and various university representatives will be available for questions. Unique to UTIHP and open to anyone, the Take Action Conference looks to wrap their year with a tremendous event. While the HSPP does not directly work with University students, the Take Action Conference should nonetheless remain high on our watch-list. HSPP will be looking to make a big impact this year with its new direction and leadership.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and news!

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