2016 Discovery Fund Potential Projects

1. Dr. Shafi U. Bhuiyan ( I am very keen on supporting young researchers about International health collaboration research in MNCH- family planning and reproductive health services in developing countries. To promote health and women’s empowerment in many developing countries, students can join with our international partners’ projects on evaluation of MNCH handbook and integrated health programs in rural and urban community or hospital settings in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Kenya.

2. Dr. Jeff Brook ( In 2012-13 sixty people in Beijing carried a personal air pollutant sampler to measure their exposure to soot (black carbon) and the amount of particulate sulphate. This was done for a study of the relationship between cardiometabolic disease and air pollution. Interestingly, these subjects were being studied during one of the highest pollution events in China in recent years. The interested student would undertake analysis of the personal exposure data to understand the differences in black carbon and sulphate exposure and what factors are controlling exposure levels and differences.

3. Dr. Jeff Brook ( In Canada, the Canadian Health Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) study ( has been following pregnant mothers and then the babies to study the origins of asthma and other chronic diseases. A team from U of T has been involved in the Toronto-based part of this cohort and also has led the collection of house dust samples in all the homes when the babies were 3 months old. The interested student would undertake analysis of measurements of the concentrations of organic pollutants measured in the dust in order to understand potential differences in exposure and the causes of these differences.

4. Dr. Anne-Emanuelle Birn ( Research assistant for a book project on Latin American Perspectives on International and Global Health (work based in Toronto). Must be fluent in Spanish or Portuguese; background/courses in history highly desirable

5. Dr. Daniel Grace ( Most of my research is related to HIV and STI prevention in Canada - using critical qualitative and mixed methods research strategies - although I continue to work on a number of projects in the UK and West Africa. 6. Dr. Lawrence Loh ( The 53rd Week is a non-profit organization that aims to optimize the outcomes of short-term volunteer work abroad through advocacy, research, and innovation, with a focus on host communities. In the media and literature, there is a lot of discussion as to whether such global health experiences yield a net positive impact on the target communities. We are looking for a student to continue an ongoing project assessing the costs and benefits of short-term medical trips to La Romana, Dominican Republic.

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