What is a Good Death? A Facilitated Discussion on Palliative Care

The demand for palliative care has been on the rise over the past decade. As one of the fastest growing fields in the healthcare sector, palliative care aims to provide the best quality of life for patients facing terminal illness and their families until the end of life. But what does it mean for a physician to “make dying more comfortable”? When is the appropriate time to die? In paternalistic cases, what gives medicine moral authority over the autonomy of patients or their loved ones? Despite the many merits to the current state of palliative care, the field raises many ethical, medical, and sociological issues, particularly in cases of euthanasia, or assisted dying. This event was hosted in partnership with the Institute of Global Health Equity and Innovation (IGHEI), featuring Dr. Alex Jadad, Director of IGHEI and founder of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, and in its interdisciplinary approach, aims to examine the medical, psychological, political, ethical, and bioethical elements to dying.

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